Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wii System Update for Netflix

I wanted to run Netflix from my Wii. The problem is it needs Shop Channel v20 and my Wii is already softmod. So, it can't just update the Shop Channel.

Here is my Wii configuration:
Ver 4.2U
Shop Channel v19
Home Brew Channel 1.0.6 IOS61 v21.29
NOTE: My Home Brew Channel is kind of backward (mirrored), updating to 1.0.8 didn't fix it. But, it doesn't stop updating Shop Channel. So, it's a bit confusing navigating the HBC screen, just flip the remote. I will update my blog to fix HBC.

Here are the step I have done to update Shop Channel
  1. Make sure you have an SD card.
    NOTE: I have a 512MB MicroSD, which I thought enough for doing it. But apparently, my Wii can't read it. I don't know why. It could be the format. It shows it has FAT format. I tried to format it to FAT32, but my Windows 7 PC, just sit there for ages.
    So, I use my SanDisk 4GB microSD which has default format of FAT32.

Updating my Home Brew Channel to 1.0.8
  1. Download HackMii installer v0.8 ( from


  2. Extract boot.elf from folder hackmii_installer_v0.8 and copy it to the root in SD card

  3. Download bannerbomb alpha - v2 ( from


  4. Extract the folder private from and copy it to SD card

  5. Now the content of my SD card looks like:
    • boot.elf
    • private/wii/title/aktn/content.bin

  6. Insert the SD card to Wii. Then on Wii Menu, press the SD card icon
  7. Follow the menu on the screen to install Home Brew Channel
  8. Reboot

Installing Shop Channel
  1. Once you finish installing Home Brew Channel, you can delete the content of SD card
  2. Download WAD manager v1.7 from: here or here
  3. Download Shopping Channel v20 from: here or here
  4. Download IOS56.rar from: here
  5. The shopping channel v20 uses RAR, so you need to have RAR reader installed. I use WinRAR downloaded from

    WinRAR x64 (64 bit) 4.00 beta 3
    WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 4.00 beta 3

  6. Create a Folder "WAD" in the SD card root
  7. Extract IOS56-64-v5662.wad from IOS56-64-v5662.rar and copy it to Folder WAD in SD card
  8. Extract Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.wad from Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.rar and copy it fo Folder WAD in SD card
  9. Extract folder apps from WAD-Manager_v1.7_Full.rar and copy it to SD card root
  10. Now my SD card content would look like:
    • WAD/IOS56-64-v5662.wad
    • WAD/Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.wad
    • apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/boot.dol
    • apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/icon.png
    • apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/LICENSE.txt
    • apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/README.txt
    • apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/
  11. Insert SD card to Wii
  12. On Wii Menu, select Home Brew Channel and Load Wad Manager
  13. Select -- Press A --- (Or IOS36, 236, 250)
  14. Nand Emulation -- Press A
  15. Source -- Press A
  16. Select IOS56-64-v5662.wad and Press A -- Press A again to install - Wait -
  17. Select Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.wad and Press A -- Press A again to install - Wait -
  18. Once finished, the reboot

Installing NetFlix:
  1. Go to Wii Menu
  2. Go to Shop Channel
  3. Just follow the screen to download NetFlix

Here are some reference documents

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